Socialism and Spite

Democrats have only two things: socialism and spite. The socialism comes full-strength or diluted. The spite stems from their election loss to Trump and their own moral indecency which has no apparent lower bound.

For Democrats, spite is a political tool, used at every turn in a quest for favor with voters. Among Democrats, revenge, vindictiveness and hatred run rampant to thwart Trump.

Roger Stone’s sentencing is a case in point. Elizabeth Warren demands that Barr resign over the Stone sentencing. How much hatred there is in demanding that he be sentenced to prison for 7-9 years.

The entire case from start to finish reeks.

It began with a staged FBI raid designed by evil minds.

The case went before a prejudiced judge and a biased jury. The anti-Trump prosecutors went for the jugular.

This travesty of justice and government doesn’t stop there. Both Pelosi and Schumer, the top Democrat leaders in Congress, “Call for Investigation Into Reduced Sentencing Recommendation for Roger Stone”. This pair of clowns continues to feign, to put on a straight face and pretend that Trump and Barr have done something wrong or even impeachable again.


9:26 am on February 13, 2020