Skeptical of Science, So Called

Mark Higdon has 

just finished M. Scott Peck, M.D.’s People of the LiePeople of the LiePeople of the LiePeople of the Lie (People of the Lie©1983) [and] panned these timely ten nuggets from the stream of his wisdom.

  • (W)e ascribe to science much more authority than it deserves. We do so for two reasons. One is that very few of us understand the limitations of science. The other is that we are too dependent upon authority in general.

  • (W)hat is paraded as science is simply the current belief of some scientists.

  • We scientists, unfortunately, are no more immune than anyone else to jumping to unsound conclusions.

  • We are content, even anxious, to let our authorities do our thinking for us.

  • In our intellectual laziness we forget that scientific thought is almost as faddish as taste.

  • (W)e must for our safety as a public bear the responsibility of being skeptical of our scientists and their pronouncements.

  • (A)ssure that science remains scientific and grounded in a democratic culture in which open debate is encouraged.

  • (S)cience depends upon publishing and the free flow of information…

  • With the rarest of exceptions, scientific research is no longer conducted by a solitary, independent seeker of truth for its own sake. It is instead mostly financed by government or industry in the form of group efforts according to executive agendas.

  • (M)odern science has become so inextricably interwoven with big business and big government that there is no longer such a thing as “pure” science.

And Leviathan has worked overtime to dilute that impure science further, until it’s almost indistinguishable from voodoo. Masks, anyone?


6:18 pm on December 4, 2020

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