Shredding the Social Fabric

Politicians and bureaucrats have (deliberately?) destroyed much of life on the pretext of fighting a plandemic with laughable fatality rates. Whether it’s the businesses they’ve bankrupted, the churches they closed, the weddings and funerals they’ve prohibited, or the “mask mouth” and dental decay they’ve inflicted on the Muzzled Masses, these sociopaths have ruined countless opportunities, memories, fortunes, and pleasures, both large and small. They’re even  sabotaging Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But their biggest trophy may be our intercourse with one another. What have their dictatorial mandates, relentless propaganda, and pleas that we snitch on each other done to human society?

Two of LRC’s readers contacted me within a few hours of one another with tales of woe.

Mark Higdon wrote,

Just minutes ago, before reading your post [in which I asked “Whom can you trust?”], I emailed the following to a close friend and fellow cancer patient (under treatment where I am):

Second only to the Church’s ongoing betrayal of the faithful this year is Medicine’s similar betrayal. You know and I know that they know better, and that Faucism–with all its contradictory changes of orthodoxy–has little-to-nothing to do with science, and almost everything to do with political control of the sheeple. Among clergy of my long-time acquaintance, there is only one left whom I trust. For all medical professionals, my trust shields are up and holding until I am confident that they see through the BS, even if they have to maintain a facade of “compliance.”

Next, Mr. Anonymous testified to the anger and resentment Leviathan’s shamdemic arouses in him:

Here in Minnesota, King Walz instituted another lockdown because of the rising “cases.” Bars and restaurants must close at 10 pm. I’ve been scouring the internet for the “science” that shows the virus comes out only after 10, but have been unable so far to find it. Maybe someone can forward me a link.

There ya go, dear reader: a challenge!

…I have found that I’m becoming so contemptuous regarding the willingness of 99.9% of the people … to succumb to the decrees issued by our governor that I find myself treating people in a way that I never would have thought myself capable of as a follower of Jesus.

Yesterday, I really needed some stuff at Menards. I have avoided that place like the plague since they were one of the first one’s to voluntarily enact a mask policy. I have been there a few times without a mask successfully, but a few weeks ago after I went into the store I was harassed by a morbidly obese soy boy enforcer (I find the ones quick to lecture don’t abide by healthy choices necessarily), to the point he was going to have me removed from the store unless I donned his mask. I’m not a person prone to violence, but I actually had the urge to punch this guy in the face. I reluctantly put the mask on under my nose, but Soy Boy made sure it was over my nose before he left me alone. I pulled it down under my chin and completed my shopping without further incident.

So yesterday, I was accosted immediately upon walking in the door by not one but two enforcers, one on either side. (They must have training sessions every morning for this stuff.) I put the damned thing on, but the one woman insisted I put it over my nose. As I walked away I flipped her off nonchalantly, almost instinctively. I was shocked at myself. I can’t remember the last time I stooped to that level. I felt bad because she was “just doing her job”. Then I remembered the Nazi SS officers were just doing their job as well, so I felt not so bad.

I am normally an easygoing person. I don’t judge people as a rule and just mind my own business and let other people believe what they want. This corona scam is having an undesirable effect on me and I’m certain it’s affecting others the same way. Could this be by design? I think so.  A house divided? Yep.

An elderly relative whom I’ll call “Sam” is likewise serene, kind, and exquisitely polite. He’d far rather turn the other cheek than engage in any sort of argument or confrontation. But a few weeks ago, he told me he was shopping for groceries when a customer (obese, Sam noted; perhaps Mr. A’s Soy Boy migrated a few states over) scolded him, “Get a mask on!” Humble, gentle Sam snapped back, “Who are you to tell me what to do?”

COVIDCon has monumentally damaged our social fabric:

Not only are various governmental agencies forcing the separation of people from their community networks, we are also seeing faith-based organizations, churches, buying into the fear.  Even in areas where churches are not forcibly shut down, many are seeing a structural shift where some faith leaders are willingly ostracizing their community under the guise of various COVID alarms.  This is not good…. not good at all.

Amen! When will we rise up?


4:55 pm on November 24, 2020