Should Bales Bail?

Afghanistan war vet killer Robert Bales was sentenced today to life in prison without parole after he was convicted of killing sixteen Afghan villagers. Actually, he was convicted of being caught killing sixteen Afghan villagers. God only knows how many thousands more civilians were killed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. And since U.S. soldiers were invaders, not defenders, they are guilty of murdering everyone that died at their hands in Afghanistan. And please don’t tell me that they killed in self-defense. That is like an armed robber breaking into your house and then when you point your gun at him he kills you and claims that he did it in self-defense. If we are going to lock up Bales for life, then he should be joined by thousands more. Of course, we know that this will never happen. If you kill only those whom the government says to kill, then that is okay. Just like the government doesn’t mind gambling if it can get a cut and control it. The whole Afghan war was criminal from the beginning.

No, I am not excusing for one minute what Bales did so please spare me the trouble of deleting your e-mail and saying “can’t this guy read?”


3:51 pm on August 23, 2013