Shots Fired! (By D.C.’s Keystone Cops)

All day long yesterday every online newspaper and every radio station in America blared the headline, “Shots Fired Near the Capitol in Washington, D.C.”  I suspect that nearly everyone who read or heard this assumed that another “lone nut” must have started shooting at people in a government building again.  Well, not exactly.  It was the D.C. cops who did ALL of the shooting — at a young, UNARMED mother with a child in the car.  They shot the mother dead.  She was apparently mentally disturbed, having rammed her car into the White House fence.  No one seems to be questioning the propriety of the D.C. cops executing her on the spot right in front of her eighteen-month-old child for her bad driving habits, not to mention spraying bullets into heavily-populated Capitol Hill.

Also, I guess its perfectly OK to murder an unarmed black woman in front of her infant child in broad daylight as long as the shooter is a black dude (D.C. cop).  Don’t expect the Soviet Poverty Law Center to say a peep about this, or Al Sharpton to hold any candlelight vigils.  There’s no money in that.  The role of the Soviet Poverty Law Center is to SUPPORT the police state as a paid consultancy, not to criticize it in any way.


10:45 am on October 4, 2013