Shocking News

Various neocon outfits are even more upset than usual at Ron Paul and his Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Why? For not wanting to encircle and destroy Russia. How dare Ron not endorse the neocon dream of world empire?

Various neocon operatives have even been phoning all around the world recently, looking for someone to claim that the Ron Paul Institute is in the pay of the Russians. This is a lie from the professional liars, of course. It is also a longtime smear. If you were opposed to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, as championed by the neocons, you must have been paid by Saddam Hussein, etc. when you should be bribed by the CIA.

Ron and Daniel McAdams, executive director of the RPI, keep outraging the neocons! It’s proof, as if we needed it, that your work is essential.


9:57 am on March 17, 2014