Shelter in Place

From a man in Pennsylvania:

Last week I was subjected to what I think is called Shelter in Place.  We were required to go to a certain part of the [insurance cmpany] office and stand there for 20 minutes with our thumbs up our you-know-whats.  Anyway, in a nutshell, the building is locked down and you are not permitted to leave.  This was a drill that we had been told would occur.  One of the other Neanderthals in the office objected to this earlier in the week to several people, calling it false arrest and unlawful restraint.  Well, I told one of my fellow workers – who is a Democrat – that I objected to not being allowed to leave.  He said if it were a real emergency, we might have to stay there for hours if not days but not to worry about it.  I advised him that I have a wife and teenage children to whom I am a husband and father, and that they will have to shoot me to keep me caged.  I told this same office worker that this is what happens when communists run the government.  He thought I was joking.

(Thanks to Mark Carroll)


3:21 pm on June 2, 2013