Serfs Don’t Matter: They Only Foot the Bills, After All

When Scarlett O’Hara sells lumber to carpetbaggers in Gone With The Wind, a former slave named Uncle Peter often drives her about Atlanta in her carriage. One day, they encounter some of her customers’ wives.  The Northern women laugh and denigrate black people to Scarlett in front of Uncle Peter, as if he is deaf, has no feelings, or doesn’t exist. Worse, the ladies aren’t even trying to insult their victim: they consider Peter beneath both their notice and contempt.

One of LRC’s readers recently suffered similar abuse from the TSA. In response to “The TSA Strikes Out,” he reports:

Passing through LAX last month I ended up stopped at the document check podium (papers, please!) as there was some hold up in the queue. The two agents picked up a conversation they had been having, one of them commented that it was unbelievable what people would do if they (the agents) asked them. An example given by one agent being he asked a traveler his mothers maiden name ( I suppose just for the hell of it) and the person immediately complied. The other agent, in complete agreement, noted that if they asked for credit card numbers and security codes those would be given without a whimper. All of this took place with me right there in front of them as if my presence was nothing at all to be concerned about.

Yep: the Master-Slave Syndrome.

Meanwhile, what an indictment of the sheeple! So craven, so happy to comply with these bozos. Yet clueless Americans condemn the TSA as a failure when it is instead one of Our Rulers’ greatest successes.


9:42 pm on November 25, 2015

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