Senator Grassley Pursues the Biden Case

Senator Grassley of Iowa is a straight arrow. He has an excellent reputation as a clean government man who works for his constituents scandal-free. In August, Democrat lowlifes holding Senate offices attacked Grassley for “falling victim to a Russian disinformation campaign regarding Joe Biden”.They attacked Grassley on these entirely flimsy and untenable grounds to protect their man Biden. Grassley was getting too close to the truth and too close to making it widely available.

“Russian disinformation” is the all-purpose charge that Democrat scum and their cheerleaders make when they try to hide the slime that pervades their party and its leader, Mr. Biden. What they come up with is invariably dirty and despicable, at the same time being retarded. Democrats pollute the political conversation. They do not apply zero emissions to themselves.

Grassley defended himself at the time, going on to publish the Grassley-Johnson report. He was then roundly criticized for that document, being painted as a Russian agent and dupe for having had the nerve to raise issues with the conduct of Hunter Biden.

The Hunter Biden e-mails and revelations that cast his father in a clearer criminal light have now provided Grassley with fresh ammunition. Subpoenas have not been issued, but letters have been sent making big document requests from people associated with Hunter Biden. Reportedly,

“In addition to Bobulinski’s documents and upcoming interview, Johnson and Grassley also sent letters to Hunter Biden, James Biden, James Gilliar, and Rob Walker, requesting “bank records, wire transfers, account balances, gifts, business transactions, travel records, and communications about transactions” associated with a number of people named in the Post’s reported scandal, including Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“The letters also request information about “transactions related to business in Romania, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, or any other countries.”


7:10 pm on October 23, 2020