Select Committee on the 2016-2017 Presidential Election and its Aftermath

We will eventually see a lengthy document, perhaps a lawyer’s brief, that explains the 2016-2017 Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama-FBI-CIA scandal in detail, with all the footnotes, quotes, and references documented. The corruption of law, position and persons in this scandal is huge. It will all be pieced together, but only if the Congressional bodies do a proper job of eliciting testimony and bringing in witnesses. Unless this is done, lawful government takes a knockout blow in this country.

The model for this should be the 1972 Watergate investigation: “The Senate Watergate Committee, known officially as the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, was a special committee established by the United States Senate, S.Res. 60, in 1973, to investigate the Watergate scandal, with the power to investigate the break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and any subsequent cover-up of criminal activity, as well as ‘all other illegal, improper, or unethical conduct occurring during the presidential election of 1972, including political espionage and campaign finance practices’.”

A special committee needs to be legislated and convened, a “Select Committee on the 2016-2017 Presidential Election and its Aftermath”. This would be the E-Mail-Dossier-FBI/DOJ-Surveillance Committee. The focus is not on Russia and Russian meddling in the election, except incidentally. The focus is squarely on the performance of federal government institutions and officials during and after the election year. Trump and his people are not to be investigated. Mueller is into that. We need an investigation that centers on how the Clinton-Obama-FBI-CIA axis performed in 2016 and 2017 as they implemented an anti-Trump strategy.

One part of the federal government investigating another part falls short, as the current political rivalries show. It would help to have a committee that drew significantly from state and local lawyers of recognized competency, probity, high ethical standards and experience in cross-examination, who are not part of the establishment and do not harbor ambitions to become such.

A start at a timeline of events with interpretation is here. It gives a flavor of what needs to be done in even greater detail and based upon more evidence.

The same kind of investigation should have been done of the initiation of the Iraq War. There has been an investigation that focused on intelligence. Although it contains some additional views, the report didn’t get into the heart of the matter. Phase 2 was never completed. It was supposed “to include an assessment of how the Iraqi WMD intelligence was used by senior policymakers,” that is the decision-making process. A slew of important matters went un-investigated, including the propaganda campaign of the Bush administration.

We face the same sort of incompleteness in this case. The more that these matters are swept under the rug, the more that our government deteriorates.


7:21 pm on February 11, 2018