Seeing Tom Woods

Writes Scott McKeown:

I want to encourage all LRC readers to make an effort to see Tom Woods speak live if he happens to be in their area. I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Woods at The Ohio State University last night, and it was well worth the hours in the car to get to the event. Dr. Woods creatively exposed the fundamental evils (and stupidity) of central banking in ways that were easy to understand for new listeners while also providing ample red meat for rEVOLutionaries and veteran Austrian School followers in attendance. The crowd of several hundred was diverse and represented all age groups. It was very encouraging to see that at least a third of the audience were college aged, and they were engaged and knowledgeable with many taking notes. It is exciting and invigorating to be surrounded by hundreds of people passionate about Liberty. It is impossible to believe that there is no hope when “regular folks” are seeking the truth and are passionate about real change – to paraphrase Dr. Woods, a large group of ANGRY and EDUCATED citizens is a very formidable foe.


9:13 am on May 29, 2009