Second Thoughts on Spamarrest

I’ve delayed blogging this as long as possible because thanks to, I’ve enjoyed two weeks without spam or viruses, and my online address book with the company is building up nicely. But there have been technical problems, no doubt related to a massive onslaught of new subscribers to the service that promises (and mostly delivers) a 100% Spam-free environment for your existing email accounts.

Now, many people wrote me after my article appeared to say that Spamarrest is itself a spammer. So far as I can tell, this means that they have variously sent out promotional material to people whose email addresses they have harvested–not a smart move by the company but not horrible either. Also I figured that the company has been subjected to so many attacks on that basis, they would stop the practice.

But technical problems are another matter. It means that your email can’t be delivered. This has happened almost every day since SoBig came out. Not good. It is more crucial than ever to control spam simply because it represents not just a nuisance but a grave danger these days. And maybe Spamarrest is the answer–but you might wait until their servers are properly upgraded or for something better to come along before shelling out for their service.


3:58 pm on August 28, 2003