“Secession is the Only Path Forward for American Christians”

Wisdom and common sense from Jason Whitlock.  See especially minutes 14:30 to 28:50.

Whitlock said this on the Tucker Carlson show as well and FOX abruptly cut him off and went to a commercial.  In the video in the link Whitlock plays a segment of the Rush Limbaugh Show where Rush said the exact same thing.  He said it on his own show, so there were no FOX neocons to censor him.

The FOX bigwigs apparently believe that there is — and should be — common ground with Marxist totalitarians who think men can become women and that preschoolers should be propagandized by almost-naked men dressed in female stripper attire, unlike Whitlock and the late Rush Limbaugh.


7:25 pm on April 6, 2023

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