Schiff or Schitt

Adam Schiff stands for BIG and BIGGER government, in both domestic and international affairs, the same as most elected members of our governments. They are choking freedom to death one breath at a time. There is actually no upper bound on what government extension they will vote for, given a set of political circumstances that make such an expansion possible. Furthermore, they and their supporters will always find a fake rationale to justify it.

Adam Schiff wants to be president. As part of his plan, he has become a loud critic of Donald Trump. A search of Google News on “Adam Schiff” brings up a long list of headlines tearing into Trump. Schiff has been flaying Trump for months. Schiff is close to making himself the unofficial Democratic anti-President.

Finally, after months of being attacked, Trump typed a tweet that referred to Schiff as “little Adam Schitt”. Why now? Maybe because Schiff is intruding on Trump’s constitutional Executive power. He wants Trump’s appointee, Matthew Whittaker, to recuse himself from overseeing Mueller and his gang:

“Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., warned acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker that he should recuse himself from oversight over special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe amid concerns about his view of the investigation.”

Should all of Trump’s appointees to cabinet posts recuse themselves from overseeing department operations being run by lower-level bureaucrats who may disagree with their new bosses? Is a president toothless? Schiff wants to run Trump from his Congressional office.


9:33 am on November 19, 2018