Say It Ain’t So

 Juan Despierto reports

a strange occurrence from yesterday afternoon at the local university developmental school (it is a k-12 school) here. My son had a tennis match there (he plays for a small Christian school). About halfway through the match, 5:30 p.m., a woman with a red pull-along cooler appears at the tennis courts with a young child walking next to her. Upon first impression she looked like a drink vendor (back when there used to be sporting events that people attended en masse) with a bright red shirt on to gain attention. Then she opened her mouth and to everyone’s surprise she was not hawking drinks or refreshments but “vaccines”. 

To paraphrase her pitch: “I’ve got vaccines, anyone want a vaccine? Pfizer. Moderna. Available here. Anyone want a vaccine?” According to her, they were leftovers from the day’s lot and would be thrown out if not used. Most of the 20 adults and 30 kids in attendance were in shock that this was actually happening. No, it was not some kind of hidden camera moment. One adult male actually volunteered to be jabbed with the experimental treatment. The jabber did not give any disclosures or warnings as far as I could tell, and the jabbee only asked one question, “Do I have to pay for it?” She replied “No”, the health department is furnishing the treatments. After completing the injection, she made one more call to action that was again ignored by everyone, followed by the comment, “I’ll go to Walmart to get rid of the rest of these,” and then disappeared the same way she seemed to appear from nowhere.

The bright side for me is that most people were in no rush to be jabbed, at least in the group we were with. Also seems to poke a hole in the shortage narrative since they are throwing away doses.

Juan, are you alleging that Our Rulers lied to us? What are you, some kinda conspiracy nut?


12:19 pm on April 9, 2021

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