Russia infiltrating Latin America – And US?

Like China, Iran, Israel, and dozens of other countries, Russia is reportedly working to influence Latin American institutions. The US State Department’s left-wing careerists are no match for these pro’s.

By the way, Russia was certainly successful in infiltrating the Catholic Church south of our border, starting decades ago. Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet defector and Romanian KGB three-star general, directed the operation, promoting “Liberation Theology,” Marxist agitprop with hijacked religious language.

Catholics left the politicized Church by the tens of millions, many responding to the claim of US Protestant and Evangelical missionaries: “The Catholics preach politics, we preach the Bible.”

Brazil’s President-Elect Bolsonaro ran against Brazil’s Liberation-Theology Left with strong Evangelical support, and it’s obvious that the usual suspects aren’t happy at al. They insist that he’s “far-right” (a term employed universally by the Left to impugn any non-leftists, be they monarchists, libertarians, Christian Democrats, or any of the thousands of other views that hate tyrannical power). Bolsonaro will be the man to watch in the southern hemisphere.

There is also a US dimension to this Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. Bella Dodd, a leader in the Communist Party USA, testified before Congress in the 1950s that she had successfully  inserted thousands of Communists into US Catholic seminaries.

She concentrated on homosexuals, a tactic that had worked well in Britain with the Burgess-Blunt-Philby “Cambridge Five” Soviet spy ring. As the recent homosexual abuse scandals in the Church reveal, abusers were great conspirators, covering up for each other as they used their honored status to groom victims, prey on them, and even pass them around. A majority of Catholic bishops over the years gave them a pass in one way or another, probably because they either quietly supported them or because they were scared as Hell of them.


10:20 am on December 3, 2018