Our Rulers Never Learn (Probably Because They Don’t Want To)

Of this morning’s shooting at the Republicans’ baseball field, “Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) [said]… ‘You’re pretty helpless … We have nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with.'”

To which Virginia’s contemptible Cur-in-Chief, “Terry McAuliffe (D)” responded by “advocat[ing] for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting. ‘I think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens,’ McAuliffe said. ‘ … there are too many guns on the streets.”

Really? So why weren’t any of the Republicans able to fire back? If there are so many guns running amok on the streets, why didn’t some stalwart citizen come to the politicians’ aid?

Intriguingly, “a reporter asked” the first Ruler I quoted, Mo “I Want Mo’ Guns” Brooks, “if [the shooting] had changed his view on the ‘gun situation’ in America” (and, to his credit, Mo “vigorously defended the Second Amendment…“). Wanna bet not a single journalist anywhere asks any anti-gun Republicans who may also have been at the game whether their enmity towards the Second A has “changed” as a result?


12:15 pm on June 14, 2017