Route 66 –To Walk With the Serpent

Route 66 was a very popular TV program where a couple of “cool cats” roamed around the USA having adventures everywhere they went. One of the first shows (along with The Twilight Zone) to touch upon heavy, controversial issues of real life. There have been a lot of articles written about the show that talk about the way this country was at that pivotal time. Apparently in the late 50s/early 60s before the advent of President Eisenhower’s interstate highway system, most people didn’t stray too far from the hometown and had very little knowledge of what the rest of the country was like. This being filmed in Boston around 1961-62, you can feel a huge Kennedy admiration throughout the show, as well as militant groups such as the paramilitary Minutemen or the ultra-right John Birch Society (headquartered in Belmont, MA near Boston) featured in the headlines.

PS  was that a 6.5 mm Mannilicher-Carcano rifle being aimed by the sniper from the upper story open window of the building overlooking what was going on below?


1:09 pm on May 28, 2022