Ron’s picks for Fed chairman

Who should be the next Chairman of the Fed? The race would appear to be between Janet Yellen and Lawrence Summers. I tell you truly, I don’t really much care.  There’s not much to choose between them. They are both Keynesian – monetarist – interventionist mainstream economists. Feh to both.

So, instead, I’ll address myself to a rather different question: who would Ron Paul have picked to be head of the Fed? In my book Block, Walter E. 2012. Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty. New York: Ishi Press; (; ; I devoted several chapters to who would Ron be picking for Supreme Court and Vice President. My goal there was twofold: one, to focus attention on Dr. Paul’s then candidacy and two, to highlight eminent libertarians. My purpose now, is rather different, as you shall soon see, gentle reader.

So, who would be Congressman Paul’s top candidates for this vitally important job?

1. Mr. Burns of Simpson’s fame. Say what you will about Montgomery Burns, it cannot be denied that he knows how to steal money. A crony capitalist to his core, Mr. Burns would fit right in at the Fed. He’d hit the ground running.

2. Scrooge McDuck. He also knows a bit about money. He loves to pour it all over himself, and then gets his kicks as it embraces his body. What!? You object that he is a pervert? I’ll soon get the human rights commission (ok, ok, the duck rights commission) on your case. That is not very cosmopolitan of you. We’re now supposed to be tolerant of any type of behavior of others. What!? You object that he is a duck? That is a speciesist argument, and therefore even more despicable. Our brothers of field and stream deserve more recognition and appreciation than they have. You are living in the past. Only red neck prejudiced people like you would object to Scrooge on this ground.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

3. Cartman of South Park. Well, back to human beings. Cartman’s favorite saying is “Screw you guys, screw you guys, screw you guys.” Now, I ask you, what would be more appropriate for the Chairman of the Fed. Cartman is a worthy successor to Bernanke and all the other stalwarts.

I have not consulted Ron on this matter of picking a new Fed chairman, but I have no doubt he will accept my advice on this important matter.


10:38 pm on August 29, 2013