Ron Paul Questions Hillary

(Thanks to Minnesota Chris)

UPDATE from Chris Montalbano:

Hillary’s response to Ron Paul’s request that she justify the billion dollar expense for the construction of our new glass fortress in London has me kicking myself for my lifelong ignorance.  To Ron Paul’s question “You have to say that that billion dollars will have to be more debt, because where are you going to save it [in the budget]?” Hillary responded “We are selling eleven sites that we currently rent at very high cost in London to consolidate in one building, and therefore the money that we gain from the sale of these buildings will be used to fund the embassy, so we’re not asking for additional or new money…so I believe I can make the case that we’re not asking for new money on that.”

All those years I spent as a young man renting houses, unaware that I could have simply sold my landlord’s property and used the proceeds to finance my next habitation!  What a fool I was!

The embassy design is real pretty, though.  Perhaps it may inspire our State Department to recall the maxim “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”


12:09 pm on February 25, 2010