Right and Wrong

From Chris Dominguez in Costa Mesa, CA:

The “Lizmeister” is right: web surfers are ahead of the governments and the network news. However, he underestimates the staying power of, shall we say, “powerful interests.” If nobody in the Bush adminstration has resigned or been fired by now, don’t expect this to happen anytime before next November. This would be tantamount to an admission of failure, something that W.’s canned speech shows that the State is incapable of.

Everyone said Clinton was “finished” when the Lewinsky scandal hit. For the Democrats to beat W. in ’04 will require a principled questioning of the entire justification for the Iraq War and the War of Terrorism in general, something they also are incapable of doing. Does the Lizmeister actually think a presidential administration would ever try to investigate and humiliate a previous one? Mark my words: that will never, ever happen. The fix is in on both sides: if not even Clinton was investigated by his successor then no president will be. To do so would risk undermining the entire “Statist quo.”

The deals have already been made and both sides of the aisle are having their bread buttered by the American taxpayer. Tom White is correct in his column today. We can only watch and pray. As it was in the beginning and ever shall be…..


1:54 pm on September 8, 2003