Rhadamanthus and the Chilcot Report

Murray N. Rothbard observed:

As Lord Acton, the great libertarian historian, put it, the historian, in the last analysis, must be a moral judge. The muse of the historian, he wrote, is not Clio, but Rhadamanthus, the legendary avenger of innocent blood.

Today’s release of the damning Chilcot Report on the UK’s participation in the 2003 Iraq war may spur these avenging efforts into fruition.

Just as I have strongly supported impeachment procedures against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, as well as Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I fully support in addition their indictment as war criminals before the respected international tribunal established since Nuremberg for this purpose under international law, the International Criminal Court.

Indictment of Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry (as well as other supporters of preemptive wars of aggression and crimes against humanity) for aiding and abetting in the commission of war crimes against the Afghan and Iraqi peoples should also be undertaken by these international jurists.

Father of the U. S. Constitution, James Madison, in Federalist Paper Number 47, said that consolidation of legislative, executive and judicial functions into one person or branch of the state was the very definition of tyranny.

The murderous tyrant Barack Obama has continued (and enhanced) the fascist Bush policies of waging aggressive, undeclared and unconstitutional preemptive wars abroad, murdering untold numbers in vicious drone attacks.

Via executive orders and presidential kill lists, he has vastly centralized presidential executive authority by claiming the extra-constitutional power not merely to detain citizens without judicial review and legal counsel but to assassinate them.

He supports the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge, trial, or attorney;

He supports the warrantless spying on American citizens, upon their phone calls, emails, financial and medical records;

He has waged an unprecedented war on domestic dissenters and whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Sibel Edmonds, dusting off Woodrow Wilson’s Espionage Act of 1917 to prosecute more than double the number of whistleblowers than all prior presidents combined.

And he has draped his dictatorial executive actions with at least as much deadly secrecy, if not more so, than any other presidents in US history (excepting the tyrants Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR).

Actions have consequences. Let these war criminals bear the full weight of their heinous behavior and conduct before the bar of justice and recorded for all time in the record of history.


7:28 pm on July 6, 2016