Resources to the Rescue

The good folks at Orthodox Reflections offer help to those of us who oppose the Jab. First, there’s a “sample vaccine religious exemption letter,” Nicholas tells me, “a compilation of research for Orthodox Christians and those with similar backgrounds, and an accompanying article that provides advice. Many Orthodox have been reaching out to us and complaining they can’t get a ‘letter’ supporting their requests from their priests. We know the situation is similar for many Catholics. 

“The good news is that we don’t believe they need any clergy support at all. The issue in a request is your sincerely held belief, even if it contradicts the official pro-vaccine position of your official religious body.

Bonus: a chart summarizes the “use of aborted fetal cells at some stage(s) of testing, development, production, and design” in the various Jabs, courtesy of  “An Orthodox MD.”

Then there’s this from Mark P: is still in its infanc,y but Lin Wood (the movement’s founder) has 800K+ subscribers/followers on telegram so this is likely to ramp up quickly.

The general idea is to start boycotting all companies/organizations that are requiring the jab, and to continue boycotting (aka striking back) until the ‘enemy is defeated’.

Please God, that will be more quickly than any of us currently suspect!


6:39 pm on August 21, 2021