“Reset the Net”

To honor the anniversary of Ed Snowden’s revelations about the criminal NSA, a coalition of techies, ordinary users of the internet, and libertarians will protest on June 5 — but not with waving fists or clever signs. Rather, the group hopes to convince owners of websites and “software developers to make their products more secure and proof against NSA surveillance. That means using encryption and other security features to encode data and make it much harder if not outright impossible for hackers, government or otherwise, to break through.”

The coalition’s magnificent, anarchic video squarely blames “governments” for spying on us while reminding the serfs that we don’t need anyone’s permission to break free: we can each take steps, such as encrypting email, to defeat our enemy, the State.

Excellent advice for all of life, not just cyberspace.


11:43 am on May 12, 2014