Repudiating the Media


Q.  If Trump wins can it be considered a repudiation of the national news mediocrity?

A.  I certainly hope so!

The performance of the major news outlets this election cycle has been something to behold. It’s been the worst, most shallow undertaking I can remember.  And I remember the treatment Goldwater got.

I wrote here on Lew’s blog last week about the hysterical reaction Gloria Borger and others had to Trump’s unwillingness to promise to respect the election results in advance.

They acted like panicked teenage girls in a horror movie.

Pat Buchanan explains the media’s panic. “The establishment is terrified that it has lost the country,” he says. “The country no longer believes in its leadership.”

About time!

Now with the Comey development it won’t be long before Dems start talking about a rigged system.

Another moment of equal media idiocracy: When the Clintonistas blamed Russia for spilling DNC emails that showed its secret collaboration with Hillary and against Bernie Sanders.

Trump said “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing!”

The line wasn’t well-delivered. But it was still funny.

Even so, the joke was lost on the usual suspects. I watched CNN’s Jake Tapper’s visage grow dark as he expressed grave concern that Trump was inviting the Russians to interfere in our election.

The whole thing brings to mind an old vaudeville comedy routine with, let’s say, Joe and Moe:

Joe: I’m offended by the media’s alarmist reaction to Trump’s email joke.

Moe: Are you offended as a Trump supporter?

Joe: No, I’m offended as a person with a sense of humor!


11:09 am on October 29, 2016