Republicans Hurtling Towards Suicide Cliff

The Hot Tubbers are at it again.

Karl Rove’s apparatchiki have retaliated against several House Republicans who support smaller government. This after having won the House majority in 2010 with the indispensable support of voters who support smaller government. (Sam Francis didn’t call them the Stupid Party for nothing).

Well, as Bill Clinton used to say, “Hey, so what??!! That’s old news!!” But one of bumbling Speaker Boehner’s targets was Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC). It was Jones who famously changed the House menu to read “Freedom Fries” because the French opposed Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

AH– but then, Walter Jones came to his senses. He realized that Bush had lied us into war, and Walter Jones turned against it. A Catholic in anti-Catholic North Carolina, and representing the Marine base at Camp LeJeune, he has nonetheless trounced a series of neocon primary opponents with strong support from the military (echoing Dr. Ron Paul’s support in the ranks) ever since.

The GOP routinely invokes conservative principles, but viscerally hates anyone who actually stands by them. So now they’ve demonstrated their muscle and shown the voters who’s boss. After the party caves, folds, and then disintegrates, we will look back and realize that Boehner’s petty putsch was in fact little more than a vindictive suicide note.



4:56 pm on December 4, 2012