Reich-Winger Erased

He printed the esoteric rather than the exoteric neocon line. As Chris Dowd writes, “A self-described ‘philospher specializing in the preservation of Western Civilization’ calls for Bush to terrorize the country and become ‘President for Life’ and to exterminate all Iraqis and Iranians and repopulate those countries with Americans. Only then will we be safe.

“This was under the ‘Must Read’ section of ‘Family Security Matters.’ It got pulled from the site and soon after the guy’s entire archive was gone as was his name. His odious rant however survives on cache.”

UPDATE: Civilization is the state, or so we are supposed to think (when, actually, the state is anti-civilization). Thanks to Michael Grooms for the reich-winger’s website.

UPDATE 2: Writes Dennis Boylon,”I would laugh…because it is funny. But it is also a bit too creepy to laugh at so I’m just going to stifle it. I’m talking about his biography…not his rant.”


10:30 am on August 17, 2007