Regime Change Of Karma

People act like this “all” began with Trump. People act like they don’t know for sure the entire government is corrupt. Excuse me, but plenty has been revealed decades before this. People just didn’t want to see it. Maybe it was “their guy” doing it so it was okay, or they got something out of it from the “Whatsinnitforme Syndrome” family of political diseases. Now bills are due, Pipers are demanding payments, karmas have ripened so much they’re falling off of the tree of cause and effect, and if anyone imagines this to be a unique phenomena in American history, he is mistaken.

No. I say again, no. No, this is not unique. We have had presidents that have brought tremendous suffering to people all over this planet and suddenly we want to act oppressed and hurt because it’s happening to us for a change? (Except on a far, far, lower level than bombing raids that cripple our water treatment facilities so we die of waterborne diseases from unsanitary water and have a government tell us it’s not intentional, just “collateral damage”. Even though we know darn well they targeted the water.)

Karma is not a punishment, per se. It is the fruit of unwholesome action. Reaping what you sow. (Likewise, wholesome action leads to good karmic actions.) If we sowed suffering around the planet, then suffering must eventually come back to us at some point. It’s not a punishment. It’s a lesson to understand that since this feels bad, it stands to reason inflicting it on others on a far greater scale must, therefore, be wrong also. No matter who is doing it from here; your party, their party, your president, the one you like or don’t like, I don’t care. Wrong is wrong whether here, there, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, I don’t care. Don’t justify evil and tell me it obeys international borders, rendering the United States immune to consequences handed down by spiritual forces far greater than this penny-ante government can control.

See, THAT is what a “regime change” feels like. Now you know.


1:48 pm on June 26, 2017