Refuting Herr Doktor

Among the many bewildering facets of the covidiocy are the internal contradictions. Whether they’re as blatant as “masks don’t help/you must wear one” or more subtle (“Flatten the curve! Stay home, shut down the world, and shun your friends and family because a person has died in our county!”), you’d think even the most trusting and least intelligent of the sheeple would see through them. 

Mr. Anonymous reminded me that those contradictions show the hoopla over this flu for a lie. He also denounced the cruelty of Herr Doktor’s Plans for His Subjects–Sorry, Patients:

One of the signs of a false world view is internal contradictions.

Herr Doktor wants to “provide a safe atmosphere for our patients and staff,” yet “parents of child patients will be asked [sic] to wait in their vehicle during the appointment.” Will a scared child feel safe without a parent to comfort him? Will parents feel safe when leaving their child with strangers? Will parents feel safe when making medical decisions via phone, rather than in person? Will parents feel like they have failed in their parental duty because they are not present?

The covid con is a psyop, part of which is destruction of human relationships (because isolated people are easier to control. Divide and conquer). Taking children away from their parents during a time of fearful vulnerability is functionally equivalent to no-visitors rules in hospitals and rest homes, mass house arrest, antisocial distancing, and the depersonalisation wrought by mask laws.


2:31 pm on July 11, 2020

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