Reason Magazine’s Despicable Nick Gillespie

Read this narcissistic rant on the utter ahistorical meaninglessness of the JFK assassination by Reason’s Nick Gillespie and compare his disingenuous marginalizing “point of view” to that of those two intrepid, indefatigable leading spokesmen of the libertarian movement, Lew Rockwell and Jacob G. Hornberger. Together they have led an unrelenting crusading effort during this 50th anniversary commemoration year of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and coup d’état by Lyndon Johnson and the top echelon of the National Security State to remind the American public of the crucial importance of that seminal event. Like libertarian pioneers Murray N. Rothbard and Carl Oglesby before them, they recognize that if the National Security State can murder a sitting president of the United States (and later his brother RFK and MLK) and the complaisant and compliant establishment mainstream media continue their egregious fifty year cover-up of these heinous facts, their power is virtually unlimited and unchecked. This story must remain a central focus for all libertarians in speaking truth to power.


10:17 pm on November 9, 2013