Reason #100,000,001 to Despise Communists

Less infuriating than the 100,000,000 people communists slaughtered in their first hundred years but still outrageous is their inability to leave anyone alone. Bully and hound and smear and compel describe their interactions with the hoi polloi.

Case in point, courtesy of an article David Mueller sent me: you might think that having actively and vigorously expunged Patriots from social media this month, the Marxists would rest content. 

But no.

Now they’re worried they can’t monitor our conversations to forestall the murder and mayhem we constantly plot. After all, Patriots are some of the most violent hoodlums on earth; when they “invade” a Capitol, by Jove, they set more fires and slaughter more people than BLM and antifa did in Oregon and Seattle…oh, wait…hmmm…


12:25 pm on January 25, 2021