Real Power in the People and States: the Ninth and Tenth Amendments

If the FBI and the Department of Justice refuse to investigate the Stolen Election pf ’20, built upon notable fraud, there are other remedies that can be devised and put to work. The states created the federal government. They need not for that very reason remain neutral observers of its subversion, The people of each state have created the 50 republics, and they too need not sit on their hands. These 50 peoples and their 50 states possess real power to investigate the elections held in their states, and this power is the law of the land, being embodied in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

Shall Twitter and Facebook, shall Google and YouTube continue to censor the truth of the Stolen Election of ’20 and replace it with Doublethink? Shall they deny these constitutional verities? Shall they prevent these facts from being widely advertised and made known? SHall they deem it dangerous to talk about the inherent rights we all have? Shall blogs with links to the Constitution’s Ninth and Tenth amendments become dangerous in their Big Brother doublethink eyes?

Despite the powers of the states to act to investigate election fraud, no state has the constitutional power to infringe one’s inherent rights, that is, the lawful powers of people, under the pretext of protecting against COVID-19, or any other pretext. States certainly lack permission, as the Ninth Amendment makes clear, to annul or curtail such basic and fundamental rights as assembly, communication, travel, work, worship, and celebration of holidays. The shameful spate of such restrictions as has surfaced in ’20 serves as a reminder that we have these basic rights and that we must protect them ourselves. There are lawful ways to do this and the Ninth Amendment provides a lawful foundation for reasserting rights that have been set aside by unlawful state edicts and orders.


12:33 pm on November 27, 2020