Reactions To My Op Ed In the Wall Street Journal, Part II

Block, Walter E. 2020. “Libertarians Spoil the Election; Jo Jorgensen exceeds Biden’s margin in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.” November 9;

Letter 1

David Stockman’s blistering attack on me, and my (if I may say so myself) cordial and agreeable response

Stockman, David. 2020. “With Due Respect: A Commentary On Walter Block’s Damn Nonsense About Libertarian Voters.” November 11;

Block, Walter. 2020. “Stockman vs. Block: Walter Block Responds on the Value of Trump to Libertarians.” November 12;

David Stockman and I will soon be debating this issue on the Tom Woods show.

Letter 2

David Henderson’s very gentle criticism of this op ed of mine, and my response.

Henderson, David. 2020. “Did the Libertarian Party Cost Donald Trump the Election?.” November 9;

Dear David: I accept your minor criticism: I may well have screwed up on this. You say I was “wrong about Pennsylvania and Nevada. Jorgenson’s vote doesn’t cover the spread.” I’m still not sure about this. When I wrote this, and even now, not all of the votes have been fully counted, certified as non fraudulent, etc. But I have a problem with your major criticism:

“In his op/ed, Walter makes a strong case for Trump over Biden, most of which I agree with. Walter is critical of Trump on protectionism, as he should be. But he does leave out a major issue, one on which Biden is head and shoulders above Trump: immigration.”

I think I was right to leave out immigration. Why? Because along with voluntary slavery, abortion, Israel, libertarians are heavily divided on immigration. You, me and Bumper Hornberger, amongst many others favor open borders. But sterling libertarians such as Murray Rothbard and Hans Hoppe, Lew Rockwell and many, many others oppose open borders. So, how can I, in my attempt to speak for all libertarians, have placed Biden “head and shoulders above Trump” on this issue? I maintain I could do no such thing. And ditto for all other issues which greatly divide libertarians. I can hardly criticize Biden or Trump for not agreeing with a libertarian position, when we ourselves are divided on it.

My group, Libertarians for Trump, which I started along with Donald Miller and the late Ralph Raico was an attempt to reflect what all libertarians could agree on: Overall, Donald was vastly to be favored vis a vis Crooked Hillary, but we also wanted to help Gary Johnson as much as possible. Hence vote for Donald only in purple states. Everywhere else he would either lose or win big, and thus didn’t really need our votes there.

Letter 3

From: Mike Holmes <>

Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2020 8:25 PM

To: ‘Walter Block’ <>

Subject: RE: Nice WSJ opinion item today

Yes a lot of good feedback from your op-ed. Including those in the WSJ.

You continue to fight the necessary battles. And “behold!” the words “Libertarian Party” and “libertarian” once again are seen in a major national daily paper.

I’m sure Loyola is delighted to see one of their most prominent scholars receive such coverage. But probably no raise for you nevertheless…

Stay healthy.

Mike Holmes

Katy TX

Dear Mike:

They are not at all that delighted. Indeed, the very opposite is the case.

Best regards,



9:44 am on November 16, 2020