re: Violence Academy Warns About Violence

Lew, the West Point professor who is teaching the cadets there that believers in the traditional American Jeffersonian/Madisonian philosophy of federalism and limited constitutional government are potential terrorists is one Arie Perliger.  His course materials come from the left-wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center which, as you know, is in the business of accusing all critics of unlimited, totalitarian, governmental power of being suspected criminals or terrorists.

Perliger earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Haifa in Israel, after which he was the Golda Meir Fellow at Hebrew University.  A Jewish-American businessman then sponsored a professorship for him at a New York university, after which he ended up at West Point.  They obviously don’t teach anything about the American traditions of liberty or classical liberalism at the University of Haifa or Hebrew University.  The commies at the Southern Poverty Law Center are of course sworn enemies of the American constitutionalist tradition.


7:29 pm on January 19, 2013