Re: Topics Upon Which to Write

NFand Walter: I completely agree with Walter’s advice about expressing yourself in ways that are fun. I would add to this something I have found very helpful in my own writing: use it as an opportunity to explore and flesh-out concepts and ideas about which you would like to have a greater depth of understanding. To write about subjects that only express my present understanding does not motivate me. Writing “reports” bores the hell out of me. My wife kept urging me to write what became my “Boundaries of Order” book. I resisted on the grounds that I already understood the importance of the “property” concept – a subject I had taught for over thirty years in law school. Her urgings (i.e., naggings) finally won out, and I must admit that I did learn more about what I already “knew” in writing it.


11:33 am on September 26, 2016