Re: The Lincoln Memorial Diary

In response, MR writes with an interesting point:

What I find interesting is that New York HATED Lincoln. The worst draft riots this country has ever seen took place there, Irish Catholic immigrant Democrats burned down black orphanages after the Emancipation Proclamation because they feared hoards of freed men taking their jobs. Before the crisis had escalated to war, wealthy New York merchants contemplated agitating for the city to join the Confederacy, because they feared a Union embargo of southern cotton. The financiers of Wall Street were surely infuriated by the war taxes and cheap government-issue paper money driving their gold-backed bank notes out of circulation. Finally New York newspaper editors and writers and political cartoonists were rounded up and held without bail or trial for daring to criticize the God-President.

Maybe this is an example of how once a President dies, no matter what we thought of him while alive, he is now deified and placed among the gods.


2:08 pm on April 18, 2009