Re: Meet Robert Barnes, Esq.

Ira Katz’s article, Meet Robert Barnes, Esq., is a great introduction to this outstanding figure of our time, a master litigator and political analyst. (and I appreciate the gracious plug directed toward myself in the piece regarding my appreciation of Barnes). I simply want to further inform LRC readers of one other feature regarding Barnes.

Subscribers to get outstanding insightful content and presentations on select topics such as the history of the deep state, political assassinations, and the origins of wars and conflicts, as well as analysis of contemporary events and public policies, trials, electoral politics and ethnocultural demographic trends.

As to the history of the deep state, the first episode of this series is a tight compact overview of the concept. The second installment is an incredible examination of America’s first deep state, the draconian “state within a state” of  Secretary of War Edwin Stanton’s clandestine empire within the Lincoln regime during the Civil War (the War for Coercive National Unification), where Stanton extra-constitutionally suppressed political speech and dissent, jailing tens of thousands, engaging in a relentless wholesale campaign of surveillance, terror and tyranny. Barnes’ precise characterization of Stanton reminds the listener of the conduct of Himmler/Beria.


6:38 pm on April 6, 2021

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