re: GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good

Ryan, I’d like to “correct” you on two issues you mentioned in your post. You wrote: “Romney lost today to a guy who is overseeing a horrible economy, prosecuting unpopular wars…”

Most Democratic sheeple will tell you that things are “better” now than they were when Obama took office his first term in 2009. Unemployment peaked at 10.6% during Obama’s first term; it is now a “much better” 7.9%.

Most Democratic sheeple—who made up the majority of the anti-war movement when former Warmonger-in-Chief Bush was presiding over the U.S. military’s unjust wars—are either deafeningly silent about Obama’s continuing of those wars (plus initiating drone bombing attacks on innocent civilians in three more countries since Bush left office) or aren’t even aware of these criminal military actions on the part of their man in the White House because: 1) their man is in the White House and/or 2) they are getting their “free” Obamacare, so nothing else is important to them—including the fact that their man in the White House is murdering dozens of innocent civilians in far away countries that most of them couldn’t even locate on a map.

So, Ryan, here’s my “correction” to your post: “Romney lost today to a guy who—in the view of economically literate people (i.e., those of us who know Austrian economics)—is overseeing a horrible economy, prosecuting unpopular wars (unpopular to us libertarians and other principled, peace-loving people who understand that murdering thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia who did NOT attack the United States on 911—nor had anything to do with 9/11 nor any alleged failed terrorists attacks against the United States that happened after 9/11 is wrong)…”


6:20 am on November 7, 2012