Re: Corn Syrup, a Government Creation

Ryan, great minds think alike!  When I read your post, it reminded of a similar post of mine from over a year ago.  Since I fancy myself a scientist, I can tend to get all wrapped up in the analysis of the data, the ostensible objectivity of studies, the validity of the findings, and all that.  This folly is on full display whenever one debates the issue of HFCS.   With apologies to scientists—and corn lobbyists—everywhere, the data is irrelevant if coercion is being used.  Allow me to quote that old piece of mine.

If your product, or your idea for spending tax dollars, or your program for making banks solvent really is that good, you should be willing–if morality and truth are important to you–to offer that product or service voluntarily and take your chances. On the other hand, if you steal from me or otherwise force me to use your “solution,” then neither of us really needs any data about its effectiveness.

When the Corn Refiners Association can say they’re ready to let consumers—A.K.A. the market—decide how they want their products sweetened, and that means giving up all those subsidies and tariffs, I’ll be willing to debate the effectiveness and safety of HFCS.  Until then, not so much.


2:38 pm on April 18, 2010