re: Comrade Schultz and His Communist Bathrooms

Now that Comrade Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, is turning Starbucks bathrooms into public restrooms they will be like, well, public restrooms.  The $9/hour baristas at the Starbucks nearest my house were pleased when Starbucks began requiring a keycode for customers only to use their bathroom.  They were pleased because they no longer had to deal with lice-infested, stinking-to-high-heaven bums  taking “baths” in the tiny sink or drug addicts camping out in there and overdosing on heroin, requiring them to call 911 every other day.  That will all return now, presumably, all at the expense of the paying customers and employees who must also use those same bathrooms.

Not a good deal for the working class, Comrade Schultz.


8:28 am on May 12, 2018