Re: Bowe Bergdahl

Some libertarians are upset with Lew Rockwell’s recent post about Bowe Bergdahl, “22-Year-Old Boy Tried to Change His Job.” First of all, since “the circumstances of Bergdahl’s departure from his base and how willingly he left have not been clear,” it is ludicrous to spout about how this soldier deserted his post, didn’t say anything to anyone, and other soldiers died trying to find him. But most importantly, consider two other evil institutions besides the U.S. military: the Mafia and street gangs. When someone joins the Mafia or a street gang like the Crips or the Bloods he is expected to commit murder, mayhem, and immoral activity when commanded to do so by his superiors. Yet, if someone joins one of these organizations and then has a change of heart and leaves, every American except perhaps those who are criminals themselves would cheer and think leaving these organizations was a good thing. No one would expect someone who left a criminal organization to give two-weeks notice, speak to his superiors first, or fulfill the terms of his “contract.” No one would shed a tear for other members of a criminal organization who died trying to “find” the one who “deserted.” So why is the U.S. military viewed differently? It is the worst and most violent criminal gang on the planet. It is responsible for more death and destruction than all other criminal gangs in history put together. The U.S. Army had no business being in Afghanistan when Bergdahl “deserted.” U.S. soldiers were in the midst of fighting an unjust and immoral and unnecessary war. They all should have walked away from their post with Bergdahl.

I should add that a hired killer with a signed contract and payment to kill someone who changes his mind and doesn’t go through with it is applauded even if he keeps the money.


10:01 am on March 28, 2015