Public vs Private | The Historic Definitions of Socialism & Capitalism

“Many people do not know the difference between the Public and Private Sectors of Society. This is why oxymoronic terms like “State Capitalism” exist. Well, starting in Ancient Greece and Rome and moving forwards in time, we will show what the Public Sector and Private Sectors of the economy are, how they’re defined, and explain what both Capitalism and Socialism are and why they are that as well. These are the actual historic definitions and meanings backed up by the sources listed in the pinned comment, at the beginning of the video, and references will be included at the bottom of the screen.”

The Ancient City : a Study on the Religion, Laws and Institutions of Greece and Rome, by Fustel de Coulanges.  (Essential text which I read studying Western Political Thought at university which is discussed at the beginning of this presentation)

TIK’S History Books (Plus References)


12:55 am on December 1, 2022