Psychopaths in Power

Republican Party “consultant,” Rick Wilson, informed the party’s donor class (i.e., “owners”) that someone’s “going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump.” Considered alongside John McCain’s earlier presidential campaign dance lyrics, “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,” you get a pretty clear idea of the kind of twisted thinking that drives the political system.  The Republicans tend to be a bit more open about their psychopathic dispositions, but the Democrats are just as warlike (do you remember FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and their warmongering?)

Since the state is defined as an entity with a legal monopoly on the use of violence within a given territory, the willingness of the politically ambitious to publicly endorse the killing of others is not that surprising. Nor should we have been shocked, a few years ago, to see an arena full of South Carolina Republicans heartily booing Ron Paul for suggesting (gasp!) a foreign policy based on peaceful premises.  “War is the health of the state,” Randolph Bourne advised. Those who value a “healthy state” will always be in love with the well-organized killing of innocents, particularly those in foreign countries.

But the lunatics who urged the murder of Ed Snowden have a colleague in Rick Wilson, a man apparently so attached to the democratic process that he pleads for someone to “put a bullet” in one of the GOP candidates of whom he disapproves.  When an equally-deranged young man – whose brain has probably overdosed on prescribed psychotropic drugs – goes into a schoolroom to shoot and kill innocent victims, the devotees of politically-motivated killings will demand action! “It is guns that cause the murder of innocents,” they bleat. In so doing, many of them engage in what Carl Jung termed “projection,” attributing to others their own dark side traits.

Intelligent minds can figure out whether the cause of violence in our world can be attributed to the presence of guns, or to the thinking of such men as Rick Wilson and John McCain – among millions of other lesser-known persons – who place their hopes for change in bullets and bombs!


11:21 am on October 29, 2015