Psst, TSA: Some Worthwhile Recruits in Qatar Who’ll Soon Be Looking for Jobs, Because Unlike the Land of the Free, Gate-Rape There Gets A Guy Prosecuted

Extramarital shenanigans are a crime in many Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar. Not surprisingly, then, “female migrant workers have hidden pregnancies and tried to travel abroad to give birth, while others have anonymously abandoned their babies to avoid prison.” 

So when someone found  a newborn “concealed in a plastic bag and buried under garbage” at Hamad International Airport in Qatar,  “officials” compelled women aboard ten departing flights to disembark. They subjected these victims “to an invasive search …. a ‘strip search’ in an ambulance parked on the tarmac…,” culminating in “forced vaginal examinations in an attempt to identify the child’s mother.” 

Dr. Wolfgang Babeck was among the … passengers aboard [one] flight … and attested that the carrier instructed all women on board to deplane … Most of the women were in shock when they returned, he said.

Oh, I bet.

“When the women came back, many of them or probably all of them were upset. One of them was in tears, a younger woman, and people couldn’t believe what had happened,” Babeck said. “They told me they had to take their underwear off or their clothes from the bottom and then it was inspected whether they had given birth.”

I know: shades of the TSA. Its excuses for gate-rape differ from Qatar’s, but the two are the same in their degradation and sexual assault of passengers. 

And had the TSA pulled this stunt in the ol’ Homeland, the goons involved would doubtless enjoy promotions and raises. But not in Qatar:

The Qatari government has announced that the officials responsible for the forced medical examinations of women at Hamad International Airport … have been referred to prosecutors for possible charges. 

Say what?! Leviathan will actually hold some of its henchmen responsible for their atrocities? Noooooo!

It gets better: 

While the aim of the urgently decided search was to prevent the perpetrators of the horrible crime from escaping, the state of Qatar regrets any distress or infringement on the personal freedoms of any traveler caused by this action,” Qatari leaders said …

That prompted Mike, who sent me this story, to demand, “What is wrong with the government of Qatar? Don’t they know that strip searches and vaginal probes are what keep us all safe from terrorism? What are they doing prosecuting the airport security officials who ordered them? If those officials lose their jobs and suffer criminal penalties short of execution, they can at least rest assured that they can always find employment with the TSA.”

I smell management material.


8:10 pm on October 30, 2020

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