Proving Me REALLY Wrong!

OK, all you gleeful readers, time to stop gloating as you cram my mailbox with reports of pastors preaching against Marxism. Praise God for clergy who denounce this demonic parody of Christianity!

Vinnie Terranova sent this video of a priest who

only briefly touches on communism, but his condemnation of Biden and his Satanic agenda and his scolding of parishioners who voted for this nightmare, is pure gold!

So is his anger against Marxism–a righteous anger that almost leaves him trembling.

Mr. T also forwarded a link to this article that, while not overtly denouncing Marxism, nonetheless derides Pope Karl–sorry, Francis:

…we all know that if we were simply evaluating the man by his words and deeds, without considering his title, we would never believe he was a Catholic.

Indeed, we would not hesitate to rank him among the greatest enemies of the Church.

Gabriel Everson of Trinity Presbyterian Church in northern Kentucky testifies that 

our pastor regularly condemns Marxism.

… he has courageously refrained from closing the church doors and never required masks.

This last weekend we held a joyous Yuletide Ball with traditional dancing. 

Oh, doesn’t that sound like such fun!

We maxxed out the small building with 120 people who did not wear masks and couldn’t “antisocial distance” if they tried.



attend[s] a Traditional Latin Mass parish in California (have to drive 90 minutes to 2 hours each way but that’s a very small price to pay).  The pastor there frequently gives anti-Communist and anti-Communism sermons.  This past weekend was no different.  He spoke about how “in the days to come” we will be tempted to give in to the part of human nature that wants to be obedient to authority, but that we must not give in, even in the small things, or else we’ll find ourselves unable to say no to the worse things to come.  It was actually an uplifting sermon!  This parish has never required masks, except a few months ago set aside one Sunday Mass (out of six) where masks are required so those who want to attend Mass, but only if everyone is wearing a mask, can attend in comfort.  Communion is and always has been given only on the tongue.  They were roping off every other pew (which meant the overflow in the hall was packed) but they stopped doing that as of Midnight Mass on Christmas.  Confession has remained in the confessionals.  We’re packed to the gills, people treat each other as humans, and we’re respectful of those who want to wear a mask (which are very few).

I was attending a Novus Ordo church before the lockdowns started and they’re still mostly closed, still giving Communion only in the hand (and requiring you squirt yourself with hand sanitizer before and after), and still requiring masks for everything that they do, all of which is done at severely reduced capacity.  No anti-Communist nor anti-Communism sermons there.  Ever.  So these lockdowns have resulted in one great blessing for me.  Probably would never have looked for another parish if they had remained open and I would be worse off spiritually.  Don’t want to knock the priests at this parish.  They’re very nice and care very deeply.  You can see and feel how pained they are that they cannot minister how they’d like to.  But they’re diocesan so they don’t have the same freedom that is seen at Traditional Latin Mass parishes.

I’ll be moving out of CA in the next couple months.  Living a lot closer to a TLM parish is a requirement.  South Dakota seems nice!

Our next correspondent, Chris Munier, also praises the Latin Mass. His

parish has two priests who regularly preach against the evils of communism. Once again, these are priests in the Catholic Church who offer the Traditional Latin Mass.

It’s not a coincidence for that to keep happening. The priests who adhere to tradition are almost always opposed to leftism. The broader Church is sadly afflicted with lots of Marxism and laxity, which becomes manifest in the liturgical schizophrenia. 

What do I mean? Well, the Catholic parishes that offer the Mass exclusively in the vernacular (which has only existed since the 60’s), are more likely to be commie. They are also WAY MORE LIKELY to be mask Nazis. There appears to be a liturgical rift which divides maskers and non-maskers into “English Mass” versus “Latin Mass” respectively.

In reality, in my assessment, the real divide is between faith and faithless.

Oooooh! Two points, Chris!


think[s] these two Lutheran (Missouri synod) pastors are doing a great job calling out the corruption and evil present today as the country is destroyed and providing guidance to listeners.

They also mentioned having a great deal of respect for Ron Paul in a recent episode.  So that is something.

Just to even the scales, we’ll close with a guy who wrote me that he “can’t prove you wrong”; so there!  

All summer long during the Dims riots, looting, burning, raping, killing, stealing, assaulting., and pillaging, not a peep from the pulpit at my church. Then this past Sunday it was an Epiphany. Oh my goodness America is under assault. The crazy Trump people have desecrated the Holiest Of Holy’s. The temple of our true God, the Capitol building. Give me a break. Is there any church left that will declare Christ the King and not the State?

Mighty few—and alas, I suspect the list above is pretty much exhaustive.


9:31 pm on January 13, 2021

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