Protecting Yourself from Intruders Is Going “Beyond the Law”

The FBI director James Comey is concerned that the new Apple and Google phones are too secure, so secure that they may actually make customers “beyond the law.” He says that such security measures will make it difficult for police and FBI goons to access people’s private data. Noooo. Really? But Comey says that a phone user trying to protect one’s security and private data is “beyond the law,” like the user is trying to hide evidence of criminality from the law by using a product with such advanced security measures.

Well, call me crazy, but supposedly We the People have this thing called a “right to be secure” — it actually says so in that little document that Comey allegedly swore an oath to obey! And what the hell is in his job description and the jobs of all those others of his government ilk anyway? “Security”? All you have to do is read the many articles by Glenn Greenwald regarding the Snowden documents, and by Will Grigg and John W. Whitehead and you can see quite clearly that the biggest threats to our privacy and security are those very government bureaucrats and their enforcers, whether Comey understands that or not. Perhaps we should be calling him “J. Edgar Comey” from now on?


1:16 pm on September 27, 2014