Proposed Minimum Wage Hike Discriminates Against Lowest Paid

As written, the new law would raise the minimum wage in steps in 5 years to $15 an hour. Thereafter, it’s indexed to the changes in median wages. The goal is to create a class of permanently unemployed people. The goal is to disadvantage a class of people permanently.

The full impact may come sooner than 5 years because employers look ahead in making their decisions. Wages rise slowly each year typically, and the programmed increases exceed that rise. That factor won’t negate the effects of the law.

Here is a table of wages. Assume a 40-hour work week. The average is actually 44 hours.

With a 40-hour week, the average weekly cash pay at $15 an hour is $600. (If we use a 44-hour week, the pay is $660, and that means even more people fall under the minimum.)

The lowest 10 percent of all workers in this table make $454 a week, so all of them, including white people, will face being laid off or fired. In this decile, the worst off in facing discharge from their jobs are black women ($381 a week) and Hispanic women ($382 a week). Black and Hispanic men, however, face nearly as bad a situation of being fired. They make $408 and $431, respectively.

A $600 minimum weekly pay also places at risk of job loss the workers who make more money and fall into the lowest quartile or 25% of pay of all workers. Black men make $546 and black women make $502 at the 25% mark. Hispanic men and women make $549 and $485, respectively.

White people at the first quartile don’t have to worry about being laid off because they average $684 for men and $582 for women (nearly $600). All the pay grades above the 25% quartile face less competition from the advancement of the workers below the 25% quartile. The law discriminates in several ways, this being one of them.

This law hurts people of color more than it hurts white people. It hurts all of the lowest-paid workers, regardless of race or ethnicity. It also hurts those with less education.

Whoever claims that they are helping low-paid workers by voting for the minimum wage increases cannot at the same time claim that they are helping black and Hispanic workers or that they want to improve the lives of people of color. They can’t claim that they want equality, not while passing laws that discriminate against people of color and people with lesser educational levels. They can’t at the same time claim they’re helping people of color while encouraging mass immigration of people at the low-paid end of the wage scale.

The people who make these contradictory claims are hypocrites and liars. They know exactly what they’re doing, whom they’re helping and whom they’re hurting. There have been ample studies and articles and testimony over hundreds of years that tell everyone what’s going on with a legislated minimum wage, even a Congressman making a minimum of $174,000 a year whose job it is to know.


2:41 pm on July 21, 2019

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