Progressive Imagination? You’re Kidding, Governor

Governor Newsom of California worries about America becoming a two-class society, the very rich and the poor unable to gain or regain middle-class status. He wants progressives to modify “capitalism”, to “re-imagine” the system as a remedy.

He means it, AND he is also a smooth con-man, contradictory as this may seem. This man leading California is totally blind to the reality AND he is knowingly blinding his audiences to the reality.

Progressive policies have not only been re-imagining America, they have actively been reshaping America since the 1890s. They are responsible for the current gross distortions of our economy and its prospective systemic destruction. They have vastly diminished our freedoms. Both major parties have instituted these policies under many names and appeals, without labeling them as progressive.

Today, progressive ideas simply mean more of the same, and Newsom knows this. But he fails miserably to see the connection, the cause and effect., progressivism being the cause of misery. His puny mind like that of all progressives finds illogical escape hatches and rationalizations. The most typical one is a vain and vague hope that by re-imagining new venues of progressivism and extending it under one’s own golden 5-star leadership, all will be well and utopia will be that much nearer; and if only the opposition to the progressive wonders can be defeated and obliterated.

Progressivism is the virus. It is the cause. It is not the cure. Its modifying of our semi-capitalistic system means making further attempts to eliminate the last vestiges of free, competitive and open markets and the uncontrolled and untrammeled pursuit of happiness by each of us. The result aimed at is actually the further enhanced peonage of most Americans under the controlling chains of the reigning wielders of political power, educational content and media propaganda. Absolutely no re-imagining from democratic socialists, from social democrats, from progressives, from socialists, and all such fountains of anti-capitalism will bring about the nirvana of a society that matches their blueprint. They are unable to identify their own responsibility for the problems our society faces. They revere the very policies and institutions that are so oppressive and so damaging. Their re-imagining is nothing but more of the same and worse.

The system, the progressive system that already suppresses freedom in countless ways, infiltrates and penetrates our lives in countless ways, visible and opaque. Progressive poisons circulate routinely through the bloodstreams of our society. We need to take the cure. This starts with refusing to ingest any more progressive food, stopping cold turkey, and allowing the body politic and social to purge the poisons.

People like Newsom, smooth operators, who promise new bottles of snake oil that contain the same old poisons are to be rejected and shunned. Let them set up their soap boxes on their web sites, but ignore their invariable nonsense. Their whole picture of the “system”, the reality of it, is grossly out of whack, which is why they are purveyors of anti-freedom, not freedom. Their belief in their own power and right via government to shape and reshape people, human beings, is their basic misconception. They do not understand that freedom is at the root of the entire universe and of the human being as an individual, and that this individual freedom is fundamental to our nature as individual beings. Freedom, by its nature, implies an unknown future that cannot be controlled and shaped and forced into a fixed or set social and political vision.


10:02 am on April 2, 2020