Prof. Epstein Takes Down Cagey Comey

Prof. Richard A. Epstein is a legal scholar of the very highest rank, one who’d make a great Supreme Court justice. He’s libertarian, minarchist not anarchist. In this podcast, he provides devastating criticism of James Comey. The segment from about 5 minutes to 12 minutes exposes the perfidy of Comey without letup.

Epstein is mostly libertarian on important domestic issues, but not on foreign policy. Beware. A person can be brilliant on one subject and benighted on the next. On Syria, for example, Epstein could write “The Syrian government launched a chemical weapons attack against the town of Khan Sheikhoun earlier this month, killing more than 80 people, many of them children, and leaving hundreds more injured and in distress,” even though this scenario is very likely to be false. Moreover, he could then support Trump’s 59 Tomahawk missile strike and the big bomb drop in Afghanistan.


1:40 pm on July 16, 2017