• Probably News to God, Too

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    Speaking of the Marines,” says a friend and veteran, T.M., that doesn’t want you to thank him for his service, “here’s a line from the film ‘Jarhead‘”:

    Sgt. Siek: [looking at Oil Fires] “I could be working with my brother right now. He’s got a dry-wall business in Compton. Does the inside of office buildings; you know, the metal studs. I could be his partner, said he’d give me that brand new Dodge Ram Charger. You know, the 318 Magnum? The beast? All indoor work, too, lots of AC. I could sleep with my wife every night, f* her, maybe; take my kids to school every morning. And I’d run his crews, too, probably increase productivity 40 to 50%. Make $100K a year. Do you know why I don’t? Because I love this job. I thank God for every f*in day he gives me in the Corps, oorah.”

    T.M. comments: “If God puts and keeps people in the Marine Corps, it’s news to me. Probably news to God, too.” The military is a f*in god to some people. That is why they get so upset about my “tone” and my criticisms of the military. They react the same way that people react if you criticize the god of their religion.


    2:34 pm on February 11, 2014